We provide a high-quality Preschool “Amiguitos” for children ages 2 to 5, where we take advantage of their natural communication skills to teach them a second language.

Our well-qualified and caring staff takes a hands-on approach to early childhood education. We have years of experience and a passion for helping children learn.

Little Amigos Preschool Schedule (Tuition and Schedule)

2 Days Tuesday & Thursday Schedules available:
3 Days Monday, Wednesday & Friday SHORT DAY 08:30 - 11:30
5 Days Monday through Friday EXTENDED DAY 08:30 - 02:30
FULL TIME 07:30 - 05:30

Please Contact Us to schedule a visit to our School or to learn about curriculum and availability.

  • We are a Unique Preschool and A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR CHILD!

At Amiguitos, we provide a bilingual environment where students have the opportunity to learn a second language while continuing their cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and creative development. Small groups are the key to accommodating individual needs to prepare them for success in elementary school.

  • Natural Approach Learning Method

LLC’s programs develop foreign language communication skills using the “Natural Approach.” This is an effective learning method, proven by linguistic research, which takes advantage of natural human language acquisition. Our students learn another language the same way they learned their first language, by listening and repetition.

  • We are the only Accredited Private Language School in the area

LLC is accredited by AdvanceED (since 2011), an organization that provides nationally recognized accreditation with the purpose of continuous school improvement and increased student performance.

  • We are licensed by the Arkansas DHS Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.
  • Preschool Curriculum (Individual differences are important)

LLC’s curriculum is built upon the Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework standards. We fuse our own curriculum with two more reliable preschool curriculums to create a meaningful bilingual education program. We balance structure and flexibility, allowing us to work with each student’s individual needs.

Our own curriculum and two more reliable Preschool Curriculums are a great fusion that provides a link to a meaningful bilingual education, creating a balance between a structure that impacts our children and flexibility that allows us to work on our student’s individual needs. LLC’s curriculum is built upon the Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework standards.

  • Christian Based Program

Christian values are very important; respect and love for God and the neighbor, compassion, sharing, thanksgiving, etc.

Specific activities are used to reinforce these values:

  • Prayer: We start every day with a word of thanksgiving, and we also invite our students to say grace before having our meals.
  • Singing, Art, and Reading Bible Stories: We also teach kids about God and Jesus through these activities.

We do not teach specific doctrines of any particular Christian denomination. We welcome all students regardless of their religious affiliation.

  • Strong Practice of Redirection Discipline.

Guiding the children to appropriate behavior and rules is relevant to promoting a good learning environment.

Become Our Partner!

Club de Niños /Preschoolers’ Club

Club de Niños / Preschoolers’ Club is a Spanish Immersion Program, ages 3 to 5.

This program is a 40 minutes class, once a week at different locations and schedules.

Parents can help by promoting our language clubs at their student’s schools. With a minimum of 7 students and the authorization of the school’s principal, we can bring our Language After-School Program to your child’s school.

Location Area Schedule
Helen Walton Children’s Enrichment Center Bentonville Friday Morning Tuition
Mustard Seed Children’s Academy Bentonville Friday Morning Tuition
D.O.C.K. Bentonville Bentonville Tuesday Afternoon Tuition
Larson’s Language Center Rogers TBA Tuition

Please Contact Us to schedule a visit to our School or to learn about curriculum and availability.