Rely on Our Translators for Quality Services

Translating a document is a complex process that we accomplish with great care. We employ consultants from various linguistic backgrounds.

We ensure that each translation:

  • Is accurate
  • Expresses the meaning of the document in a language that is appropriate for the type of document
  • Uses language that is structured normally - not a simple word for word conversion
  • Will be in a language that will be understood by the readers of the country, region, or group that the document will target

Translation Fee

The translation service fee is estimated after revising the document. Length, complexity, and format of the documents are factors that are considered for an estimate. After you request a quote, we will contact you if we need to collect more information to complete this task.

Translation Delivery Time

The delivery time will depend on the length, complexity (use of special or technical terms), and the format of document. Delivery time may range between two days for a 1-4 pages document to four weeks for a 100-page document.

Once the quote has been approved by the requesting party, we will send a contract that needs to be signed and returned. A retainer fee of 50% is required upon contract signature with the remainder due upon completion.

We can deliver a finished document in hard copy by email or on your USB flash drive. We can format documents for most Windows-compatible applications.